Custom Branding


By custom branding your site with your company logo, and colors your clients only see your company.


More Control


Create unlimited folders and control who has access to them. You can create custom roles for every user along with expiration dates for added security.


Access from Anywhere


You can access your files from anywhere on any computer. Your client or users only need an internet connection and any web browser  - no software to load completely browser based.

Upload – Access – Share  


FTP-WebFusion File Manager is more than a FTP site to share files – this is a business class FTP service that allows you to manage users – clients – folders – security all under your brand. No software setup, it is all browser based, anyone with login rights and a compatible browser can access.


You are in control with your own admin, you control who gets access to files or folders, who can download or upload – a complete backoffice to manage your files online 24/7 365 days a year with the knowledge that your files are secure.


There are many unique and different FTP needs, FTP-WebFusion File Manger has the solution to fit all those needs and still be affordable. Many hosts want you to believe that their pricing levels have something for everyone their affordable level is inexpensive but limits the space you get, while their in between levels offer more and at a higher price, and they still have limits to users and space, at the high end their Premium service is priced so high that most small business simply can’t afford.  


What we are offering you is Unlimited Users – Unlimited Clients – Unlimited Storage – Unlimited Bandwith all at an affordable price of only $49.95 a month, on a yearly contract. Also there is no software for you or your clients to setup, all anyone needs is a connection to the internet and a compatable browser.


You will never be charged more for going over any limits because you have no limits you can grow your business as large as you want and not be penalized.



Simple – Secure – Affordable